West Palm Beach Braces

West Palm Beach Braces

If you need Braces and other Orthodontic treatment in West Palm Beach, turn to Simon Orthodontics. We are the premier orthodontic practice in the area, offering our patients state-of-the-art treatment—including the Damon Braces and Invisalign. When you need quality care at an affordable price, there is no other West Palm Beach orthodontics practice you should turn to. What allows us to stand out from the rest of the providers in the area? Read below to learn more about West Palm Beach Orthodontist.

Dr. Simon Certified Orthodontist in West Palm Beach

Dedicated West Palm Beach orthodontist, Dr. Simon, has made it his mission to deliver the quality care all of his patients deserve and to do so in an environment that is friendly and comfortable. In his own life, he noticed that even when the quality of care he received was good, he often didn’t feel the right connection with his providers; that is why both he and his staff make sure that you always feel important to us, and never like you just number in a chart. There are three key factors we target at our practice in order to offer you quality orthodontic care.

West Palm Beach Orthodontics Individualized Care

Many practices offer good care, but they don’t individualize their treatment plans. Instead, they take what we call a “cookie-cutter” approach, starting with the same, basic treatment and only altering it when significant problems are present. But that isn’t how we do things at Simon Orthodontics. Here, each patient is given their own individualized treatment plan; we never recycle our plans from one patient to the next. When crafting your plan, we consider both your needs and your wants for your treatment and work hard to make sure that all expectations are met.

Active Patient Participation

In addition to listening carefully to what you want from your treatment, we also work to empower you through education. We never want our patients to feel “in the dark” in regards to their treatment. So many people approach medical care thinking that they are not supposed to really understand their treatment, that they are just supposed to place their faith in their provider. Well, not when you work with us. We will explain the thought process behind all of our choices and make sure any questions you have are answered.

Friendly Service

Our board-certified orthodontists staff is very welcoming, working hard to make sure you always feel like a part of our family. When you arrive, you will be greeted warmly, and the staff will be sure to catch up with you on each subsequent visit. You should always know that you are cared for and that you are a part of the Simon Orthodontics family. We always want you to feel that you matter to us.

No matter your needs or what form of treatment interests you, we can deliver the care you need and deserve. Please call to schedule your initial consultation.