Damon System

There are many innovative orthodontic treatments on the market, but not all are suitable for treating orthodontic problems both simple and complex. However, the Damon System is. Suitable for treating the majority of orthodontic problems, and doing so with greater comfort, speed, and aesthetics. If you are interested in Damon braces in West Palm Beach, Simon Orthodontics is the provider for you. To learn more, read below or call to schedule your initial consultation.

Damon systems Braces West Palm Beach

At Simon Orthodontics, we make sure we are always on top of the latest developments in orthodontics. While most people are not aware of the developments within the field of orthodontics, the truth is that orthodontics has seen dramatic advancements in the last two decades, and we put these advancements to work for you. These developments and innovations have allowed us to correct even significant issues with less invasive methods while also making treatment more discreet and efficient. Offering them to you is all part of our patient-focused care.

One of the most notable advancements within orthodontics is the Damon System, and that is why we are so proud to offer Damon braces treatment to West Palm Beach. We have been working with this system since the beginning, and we will continue to offer all their latest versions.

Damon Q braces are the latest offering from the Damon System, featuring self-ligating braces that are stronger, smoother, and more durable than the braces of the past. These Damon Q braces also feature the smallest bracket yet, which means they are significantly less visible than other braces. We love that they help you look great both during treatment and after.

And if you want treatments that is even more discreet, you need to try out Damon Clear. This version of the Damon System provides you with crystal-clear brackets that significantly minimize the visibility of your treatment. No one will know you are wearing them except when up close. And while it is more aesthetic, it is not less effective; Damon Clear will still deliver the excellent results you expect. Discreet, comfortable, and effective—what isn’t to love?

Would you like to learn more about Damon Braces treatment in West Palm Beach? Contact us today. We would be glad to schedule your complimentary consultation.